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kots_helpShow a list of all KOTS commands
kots_passSet your characters password
kots_createCreates a character and joins the game
kots_joinStart playing
kots_observerStop playing (enter observer mode)
kots_serversShow the list of servers
kots_playerAdd a player point
kots_respecAllows you to reset a player point and re-apply it
kots_powerAdd a power point
kots_weaponAdd a weapon point
kots_respawnSets the weapon you respawn with
kots_buyBuy respawns, player points, etc with credits
kots_resistResist a weapon or power
kots_liftLifts packs and runes towards you
kots_tossTosses packs and runes away from you
kots_flyStart flying until kots_land
kots_landStop flying and fall to the ground
kots_cloakToggles cloaking on or off
kots_expackDrops an a fake player pack that explodes
kots_hookShoots the grappling hook out
kots_unhookStops the grappling hook
kots_healthDrops a mega health that doesn't rot
kots_fakestimCreates a fake stim pack that causes damage
kots_fakemegaCreates a fake mega health that causes damage
kots_flashlightEnables/disables flashlight
kots_swimEnables/disables fast swimming
kots_empathyEnables/disables empathy shield
kots_armorUses cubes to create armor
kots_pconvertConverts power cells into cubes
kots_deflectEnables/disables railgun deflection
kots_jumpEnables/disables strength jump
kots_knockEnables/disables weapon knock
kots_detonateDetonates the last hand grenade thrown
kots_spiteUses health in order to get more ammo
kots_mineUses rockets and grenades to create a mine
kots_conflagKamikaze attack to kill enemies in all directions
kots_flailFlail about injuring all nearby enemies
kots_throwThrows yourself or an enemy far away
kots_bideCharge up damage received and then dish it out
kots_spiralSend a spiraling tornado of death
kots_infoOpen up the character info menu
kots_pointlistOpen up the character pointlist menu
kots_tballTeleport you and/or surrounding enemies away
kots_poisonEnables/disables rage poison ability
kots_quadrageEnables/disables quad rage ability
kots_laserEnables laser sight or laser sight ball
kots_fakeshardCreates a fake armor shard that causes damage
kots_hasteTesting for possible new haste ability
kots_genderSets your characters gender for titles
kots_hgtimerEnables/disables resetting of HG timer
kots_hgspeedEnables/disables fixed HG speed
kots_hgfuseEnables/disables shorter HG fuse
dropruneDrops the rune you are currently holding
maplistView the maplist
play_voicePlays the specified sound originating from your player
voteVote for monsters or map
Aliases can be created such as the built-in alias for fly which does the following:
alias +fly kots_fly
alias -fly kots_land
bind key +fly

This will make you fly while you hold the key down and when you release it you will stop flying. Other useful aliases that can be created are things such as:

alias +grenade -attack
alias -grenade +attack
bind mouse1 +grenade
Only useful for hand grenaders. Whenever you click your left mouse button, you toss a grenade. When you release, you pull one out.

alias +zoom "fov 20; sensitivity A"
alias -zoom "fov B; sensitivity C"
bind * +zoom
Whenever you press *, you zoom in. Replace A with half your normal sensitivity. Replace B with your normal fov (default 90). Replace C with your normal sensitivity.
In order to gain levels you will need to gain experience which is done by killing other players. Something new to this version of KOTS is the damage based experience system. In addition to gaining experience by killing you also get some experience by doing damage. Generally the amount of experience you get from damage accounts for about 25% of your experience while the other 75% comes from actual kills. However, damage based experience is important because when you're playing with higher level players you may have trouble killing them at first.

2-fers/3-fers and n-fers:
Being able to kill people very fast can result in you getting some very welcome bonuses. Killing someone very shortly after killing another person will result in what's called a 2-fer. Basically it means you killed 2 people almost simultaneously or within 1 second of eachother. This will result in gaining some bonus experience for your hard work. If you take it a step further and kill 3 people each within a second from eachother then you will get a 3-fer which results in even more bonus experience and 5 seconds of quad damage. Each n-fer kill after that gives you the same bonus exp as a 3-fer and an additional 5 seconds of quad on top of your previous bonus.

Sprees/Spree Breaks:
If you kill 6 people in a row without dying then you will glow and have a green shell around you. That is a signal to other players that your doing to well and you need to be killed. While on spree, for each kill over 6, you get more and more points in addition to the normal amount. Whoever kills you gets quite a lot of points too. (Also, quitting the game in the middle of a spree causes your character to fall over dead, leaving behind a backpack for anyone to grab. This only occurs if there is at least one other player in game, and you've dealt/received damage from a PLAYER within the last 60 seconds. Damaging monsters does not count toward the 60 second counter. Also, a friendly 'thump thump thump' sound will indicate when the 60 seconds are up.)

When you get 16 kills in a row you will drop your rune and not be able to pick one up until you die. You will also get even more bonus experience for your kills.

Also, spreeing to 6, 16, and 25 each adds one tball to your inventory.

Spree Wars:
A spree war is once your spree reaches 25. When this happens you turn white, and everyone else turns red. You have to kill red people, and red people have to kill you, red people can not kill each other. You get massive points for each kill and whoever breaks your war gets massive points. Everything goes back to normal once the person on war dies. Everyone's damage against you is kept track of and extra points are divided based on how much damage each person did. If a person "wars out" meaning they hit the fraglimit or the map ended before their war was broken then the points are still divided.

Leveling Chart
Level Points Needed
+16(100,000 points more per level)
Buying Stuff
When you first start your character there's not much you can or need to buy. There are a few things you should probably know though.

Credits are the currency used in KOTS and often just abbreviated as c. When a player dies and drops an ammo pack that pack also contains credits depending on their level. You only receive 1 credit for picking up your own packs though. You can buy some VERY useful stuff if you collect enough so you'll want to pick up plenty of packs, but beware of expacks. You can use kots_lift to determine if a pack is real or not.

New characters start with 200 respawns. Respawns let you respawn with a weapon of your choice. If you are out of respawns then you will spawn with the sabre until you buy more. You can specify a respawn through the menu or using kots_respawn. If you need to buy something then you can use the menu or you can use kots_buy. You can only buy up to 500 respawns at once and buying in bulk is cheaper.

You can also purchase weapon, player, and power points to upgrade your character but it's really going to cost you.
  • Power Points start at 12000c and for each point purchased the price increases by 1500c.
  • Player Points start at 8000c and for each point purchased the price increases by 1000c.
  • Weapon Points start at 4000c and for each point purchased the price increases by 500c.
Weapon Upgrades:
Weapon upgrades allow you to do more damage and be able to kill higher level characters. They can also make other changes to your weapon that will increase it's effectiveness. In order to upgrade your weapons you need a weapon point. When your character gains a level you receive one weapon point. You can upgrade weapons using the command 'kots_weapon weaponname' or use the menu. Weapon name aliases will also work in place of the full weapon name. Look at the weapons page for more information.

Player Upgrades:
Player upgrades are similar to weapon upgrades, but they don't affect a certain weapon. Instead they give you the ability to use a wide variety of both passive and active skills. You can upgrade them through the menu or using the 'kots_player playertree' command. Check out the player page for more details.

Power Upgrades:
Power upgrades are also just like the other upgrades except for one big difference. You only obtain one power point for every three levels you gain. You can upgrade these through the menu or by using the 'kots_power powername' command. Visit the powers page for more information.

Power Cubes:
Many skills require the use of power cubes. Power cubes are obtained by picking up player packs after they die and by picking up various items. There are various skills to help aid you in keeping power cubes. Look at the different player trees on the players page for more information.

Smart Selection:
Smart character building involves making a good combination of weapon and player powers. For example Wisdom 5 (cloaking) a sabre can be quite potent. Just be creative and choose player and weapon skills that compliment each other. Also, its a good idea to take one weapon to level 6 than multiple weapons up a few levels.
Normal Items:
There have been slight changes in the normal Quake 2 items. A normal pack (not one from a dead person) or bandolier still gives ammo as normal, but also gives some power cubes with it. Adrenalines give you power cubes and 200 health. Power shields give you 400 armor. Also, the Invulnerability item reduces damage done by 75% instead of the usual 100%.

The newest feature is the crap load of runes. Runes drop when you kill other players and monsters. You will automatically drop the rune you are holding when you die. Runes give you various upgrades depending on what kind of rune you picked up.

The different types of runes are as follows:
Weapon Runes - These runes are red and look like weapons. They add 4 levels to the weapon they look like.
Player Runes - These runes are blue and look like various items. They add 3 levels to the player ability they represent.
Power Runes - These runes are green and look like various items. They add 2 points to the power they represent.
Misc Runes - There are other miscelaneous runes such as the tball rune that can be found. What they do can vary.

To drop any rune, bind a key to droprune. If you boost a weapon to level 10, it gets a special powerup. Visit the player, weapon, and power pages to see what abilities you will gain while holding these runes.

Artifacts are somewhat the same as runes, except they are yellow and they power up a LOT of stuff. Killjoy's artifact for example, gives 4 levels to the hand grenade, and something like 3 vitality levels, and a few other player powerups. The only problem is that they are much harder to find.

There are also other very rare runes/artifacts that are white. The pugnus rune which gives you 4 levels to all weapons is the most rare. There is also the fabled Developer's Disc which NEVER drops. It is by far the most powerful artifact in the game. It gives 10 to everything, players, powers, and weapons. Only an admin can make these appear though so don't get your hopes up.

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